About Us

Investing in a Sustainable Future

The World of Recycling is committed to transforming the waste management landscape in Iraq and beyond and strives to revolutionize waste management practices. With a focus on electronic waste, tire waste, construction waste, medical waste & general waste we strive to revolutionize waste management practices and positively impacting both the environment and public health.


Advanced Technologies & State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our initiatives are powered by cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art recycling facilities. These facilities are equipped with advanced sorting, processing, and recycling machinery. Our automated systems not only enhance efficiency but also maximize recycling rates, ensuring minimal environmental impact and optimal resource recovery.

Enhanced Efficiency

by streamlining processes for efficient operations

Improve Sorting Accuracy

using advanced sensors and AI algorithms

Increase Recycling Rates

greater recycling rates with innovative solutions

Enhance Data Analytics

enable better monitoring and data analysis

Environmental Challenges

eWaste Generation in Iraq

Iraq, like many other nations, faces a pressing environmental challenge: the exponential growth of eWaste and its detrimental impact on our ecosystem. With rapid urbanization and population expansion, the volume of eWaste generated has reached unprecedented levels. This surge in waste poses a significant threat to our environment. Improper disposal leads to pollution of land, water, and air, endangering both human health and biodiversity.

7.1 Kg

Annual eWaste Generation per Capita

278 K

Total eWaste Generation estimated in ton

11.7 Kg

EEE Put in Market
per Capita

459 K

Total EEE Put in Market
estimated in ton

Our Facility

Pioneering eWaste Recycling

Our eWaste recycling facility is leading the charge in sustainable practices. With an impressive annual capacity of 170k tons, we are dedicated to responsibly managing electronic waste in the heart of Baghdad. What sets us apart? Our commitment to the circular economy – we generate a remarkable 40k tons of valuable metal waste each year, seamlessly reintegrating these materials back into the market.

170 K

eWaste Handling Capacity
Ton per year

40 K

Recycled Metal Waste
Ton per year

Distinguished member of SB Holding Group

The World of Recycling company operates as a vital component of the SB Holding Group. To discover more about our group of companies, we encourage you to visit our group website.