Refrigerant Gas Recovery & Reclaiming

If AC gas is not replaced regularly, it loses its efficiency. But if you’re venting it into the atmosphere, you are not only contributing to global warming, but also having to buy expensive full-price replacement gas. 

Our modern gas recovery and reclaiming services can now take your used gas, clean it to new standards and replace it – at less than half the cost of new gas! We have the best-equipped in-house testing laboratory to analyse gases for moisture content, acidity, and particulates, and remove the latter. The recovered gas restores the refrigerants as per industry standards for quality and performance, making it fit for reuse with the same specifications as the original gas – at much lower cost.


Services Included

Our certified and experienced personnel will collect the contaminated gas from your equipment, analyse and re-process it through various stages of distillation, cleaning and drying . To make it fit for reuse, contaminated gas is checked for the following parameters: